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Band information for Live in barnsley

What`s in it for the bands/musicians?

We try to keep the costs of the festival to bands and venues to an absolute minimum. Music loving volunteers run the event. We do not charge entry to the festival so we maximise the number of people attending the event. Unfortunately, this means we’re not able to pay bands in cash. However, with over 4,000 people attending the festival each year, there is always a crowd in each venue and a great opportunity to make new fans and new contacts with other bands, promoters etc.

We Provide

Full promotion through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all local print and radio media.

In every venue, apart from acoustic only venues, we provide a basic drum kit, which includes a kick drum, 2 racks, toms and a floor tom. We also provide a basic bass rig. All with a professional sound system and some with stage lighting.

A sound engineer, who'll meet you on arrival and ensure everyone knows what's happening and where. (Bring your own engineer if you like but our engineer will stay to ensure their competence and help if needed.)

We can also accommodate keyboards, DI'd bass's, laptops, iPods’, minidiscs etc, drum pads and so on. However, we do not have every available cable or connectors and adaptors so if you use any of this type of equipment, please try to bring along. Anything else, just ask!

DJ’s to fill in the quiet bits before, during and after.

You should

Publicise your appearance at the festival on your social media sites and send us a link or copy us in for reciprocal promotion on all our sites.

If you can, please send us CD’s, MP3’s, Soundcloud/Bandcamp links of at least two of your favourite/best songs and we will included them on the festival Soundcloud playlist. We may also add them to our pre-festival promotion CD which is sent to local radio stations before the festival. This is also sent to each venue for them to play and generate interest in your band and the festival. If you have a video available on YouTube, send us the link and we'll add it to our website for people to check you out.

We intend to make this one of your favourite festival gigs. Festival Volunteers are here to help and will be around each venue throughout the day if there are any problems.