Application to play

Can all bands/artists wishing to take part in this event please complete the application form below. This will help us not only get to know about you and your music but also about the numbers of people and equipment to expect and allow us to plan the most suitable venue for you to play. i.e. if you are a solo acoustic performer you will be in one of the smaller venues with a smaller P.A., if you are an 8 piece experimental jazz band we’re gonna need more mics than usual :O)

The aim of the festival is also to mix up musical styles in all the venues so that we don’t have all rock in one venue, dance in another etc. If there is any particular time of day that you wish to play please let us know, obviously everyone can’t headline, and to be honest this isn’t about who is bigger than who, we will try to give every artist the maximum exposure.

The reason we ask for links to your videos is not only so that we can see you and hear your music, but because we like to add them to the festival website and Facebook page. This is to give you additional exposure and allow people to check out you and your music before the ‘Live’ event. We will also add links to all our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram etc.

If we’ve forgotten anything or you have any special requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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